Song of the Week
This week I'm turning the "song of the week" into my "artist of the week"

I've been following Lissie for a few years now and I can never get enough of her.
Now, I already knew she was amazing but when I took my ex-boyfriend to see her as a Christmas gift at
The Cedar in Minneapolis - She was epic.

I'll stop talking now because there's nothing I can say that will show you how great 
she is besides you listening to her music! So please, please check her out quick!
And here's my top five of her songs
 (with my favorite lyrics from the songs!)

In Sleep
Why am I so terrified of wakin' - He's gone and I feel I've been forsaken
In sleep is the only place I get to see him, I get to love him

When I'm Alone
When I reach out and I only grab air
And it kills me to think that you never did care
And it's hopeless
You've always run off somewhere else

Everywhere I go
Angels will fall on me now everywhere I go
Angels will call on me and take me to my home

Reach but don't push it away
Say nice words and play with intention
Practice restraint - find out what matters
I know your heart's been broken but
Martyrs never open doors, no

Worried About
For the last four years of my life I've thought about you
Pretty much every fifteen seconds



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