Thanks for checking out my page :) Star for you! 
Now, I can answer some questions you're probably just DYING to know!

I'm TWENTY years old - soon to be twenty-one!

I'm a Midwestern girl with a passion for
the beautiful, beautiful outdoors!

I work in a coffee shop HOWEVER I'm taking some 
off right now so you'll have to wait for some funny
customer stories :) 

My parents rock.
My siblings rock.

I love taking pictures
& looking at other photographers' photos!

I'm a huge hockey fanatic 
(Obviously... I live in Minnesota)

 I try to live by Ghandi's saying:
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
What a cool dude

I love watching movies and reading books
Which is why I also looove reviewing them on here
Even though some of my reviews are a little harsh (I know)

I live with two of my best friends in the world
Sometimes they say funny things and I post them on here ;)

I am an animal LOVER. I only have one big-yellow dog left on my animal farm though.
I've rescued 2 cats and 1 dog while I've been here at school!